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Touch File is a share file service with extra protection. As soon as the file gets uploaded to the server, it will be encrypted with Triple DES algorithm. Link to your file is only available for ONE TIME USE and will be deleted after that.

How it works?

  1. Select the file you want to share
  3. Click the “Upload” button
  5. Tell generated link and password to your addresser
  7. When the file reaches its destination it will be automatically deleted


Q: And how to check the password if the password is not saved?

A: 4 byte signature adding to uploaded file. During decryption this signature is compared with the standard. If it is the same then entered password is correct. Signature removing from file and giving to person who downloads file.

Q: Hackers can intercept my secrets, while they are being transported over the network.

A: It is impossible, because Touch-File.com transmits your data via https protocol, which is proven to be highly secure. Please check the site certificate, when tou uploading file.

Q: Site authors can steal my information.

A: It's impossible, but if you don't trust us, you can use open file hostings. Anyway you can use additional protection, for example you can add password to your archive.

If somebody downloaded the file, is this file guaranteed deleted?

A: The file is physically removing from hard drive and then system creates a file with the same name, same size, but filled with zeros, which is also then removed.

Q: Where from original name is taken while request?

A: During encrypting the file, the system creates a service record with the original file name and its size.